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Young Women Writing for (a) Change®

The YWWf(a)C mission is to foster healthy writing communities where words of girls, teens, and young women from all walks of life are nurtured, developed, and celebrated. Our writing circles for young women and girls adhere to an inclusive definition of “girl”/”young woman”.  As such our young women’s circles welcome any female-identifying person.  We are committed to making sure any girl or young woman including but not limited to trans and non- binary young women feel welcome in our community.  Please scroll down to see a list of our current program offerings.

Why Must Young Women Find Their Voices? In spite of perceptions that we are evolving as a society in support of young women’s voices, there continues to be an expectation that young women be nice, look good, and behave in ways that support prevailing cultural standards. We continue to live in a world where there are many messages and situations in which girls and young women are devalued. In order to cope or fit in, girls and young women may shut out their inner wisdom and disconnect from true self. In short, they “lose their voice.” We offer a counterpoint to that experience.

Our programs are designed not only to empower the creative writer in each participant but also to empower each girl’s ownership of her unique experience and point of view. By exploring themes of identity, family, community, and culture, within a structure that allows the freedom to create, girls become more articulate and confident authors of their own lives.

Our goals are to help girls and young women…

  • enhance self-esteem
  • build skills in creative self-expression
  • learn to receive and give honest support
  • cultivate deep listening skills
  • develop practices for building and keeping community
  • seek and recognize role models who inspire creative life choices
  • enjoy and appreciate their writing processes
  • discover their unique voices

Young Women Writing for (a) Change® is a place where each individual is held within a community of practice through writing, sharing, and presence. Ours is a unique process where clear boundaries allow opportunity for self-exploration and expression in a safe and supportive environment.


from young writers

“Thank you Young Women Writing for (a) Change. I feel very complete being here. I enjoy being here.”

“…I’m kind of a shy, perfectionist kind of kid, so I was nervous at the beginning. But when I sat on the comfy pillow and welcomed myself into the room, I was so happy I almost cried…”

“As a circle member, I was nervous, but excited to share my words. I loved hearing the other girls’ best pieces.”

“The gift was being able to share my writing with so many people and hearing all that great reading.”

“This is the best class I have ever taken (heart).”

“Gifts: Hearing my lines read back (and hearing all the other girls; Drumming all together Having fun!

“It feels good to stare at my words and know that those were the words people chose as their read back line. It warms my heart.”


from parents and supportive others

“The deep wisdom of these girls rings true in their words, their energy and their growing confidence. This circle of young women writers is such a gift.”

“The freedom and openness provided by this class has been wonderful for my daughter to express herself. Thank you!”

“I am astounded by the higher-level thinking taking place in this room. What an amazing gift this program is.”

“Wonderful outlet for creative energy. You are all such a blessing to these young women.”

“The peace of mind and joy I have in my heart knowing that this camp experience for my daughter has been safe, enriching, soulful, fun, loving, and will stay with her as a flicker of light in her childhood. Thank you.”

“Seeing these daughters grow into confident writers is a real gift. Thank you.”

“Hearing the writers be courageous in sharing their words was a treasure. The drums and music in the beginning brought joyful tears to my eyes. It inspires and motivates me to hear others share their written words.”


Current Classes for Young Women and Girls

REGISTER for classes online and pay via PayPal or by sending us a check. To register, click the payment option you prefer in the preceding sentence.

Fall 2019 

Girls Monthly Circle- Story Adventure!

Girls in 4th-6th grade are invited to write the adventure stories of their lives either true or imagined. Perhaps YOU or someone you know has a grand adventure that is just waiting to be written. Girls who adventure and dream of adventure will participate in games, crafts and of course WRITING connected to who they are and who they dream of becoming. Come adventure at Young Women Writing for a Change!  

Sundays- September 29, October 20, November 17, December 15, 1-4pm

Cost- $120 for series or $35 a class

Facilitated by Angi Sullivan and Allison Distler


It’s Time for NaNoWriMo!!  A Novel Writing Circle

For Young Women and those who identify in grades 6th – 9th

Have you ever wanted to write a novel? Maybe you’ve started one or many and are looking for the motivation to continue. Or, maybe you have a great story bubbling in your head but aren’t quite sure where to start.

Fantasy, fiction, Sci-Fi, historical fiction… A novel’s possibility is great, just like the many plots, characters, conflicts, and settings you might create.

Let’s join writers from all over the world for National Novel Writing Month. Saturday, November 16- 1pm-4pm

Cost- $45

Facilitated by Kelly Sage and Olivia Evans

Imagination Station – An after-school Writing Adventure

Come play with writing and let your imaginations run wild! Creative writing stations, small group circles, writing games, prompts, and poetry will inspire and encourage writers of all abilities to create and share in a supportive, safe, fun community.

Wednesdays Afternoons for Girls, Young Women, and those who identify in grades 4th-8th.

October 23 & 30, November 6 & 13, 1:30-3:30

$75 for series or $20 per class

Facilitated by Kelly Sage


Girl Scouts Scribe Circle- Patch Program

There are so many ways to play with words while you earn your Scribe badge. Young Women Writing for (a) Change invites Girls Scouts in 4th and 5th grade to explore their stories in a fun, encouraging, safe environment.

November 10, 1 pm- 3:30 pm

Facilitated by Kelly Sage and Laura Lasertmer

To Register for this program, please head to the Girl Scouts Events/Program Guide 

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