Writing Retreats in 2020

Writing Retreats For Women

All of our writing retreats celebrate the transformative power of writing, voice, and community. At least twice a year, we offer supportive retreat opportunities for women who seek a nurturing space to tend to whatever their writing or writer-spirit needs. Our retreats, like most of our programs, will meet you where you are and offer the chance for you to meet yourself and whatever writing calls to you. Skilled facilitation provides structure and ample space to connect in large and small circles for support and inspiration.Writers of all abilities are welcome.

 “I’ve experienced creativity, warmth and connection on this retreat… a camaraderie like no other and an inspiration to continue to write.  –2017 Retreat Participant

2020 Retreats

REGISTER for retreats online and pay via PayPal or by sending us a check. To register, click the payment option you prefer in the preceding sentence.

Please note retreat payment policy: For all retreats, a non-refundable $100 deposit is required at the time of registration to guarantee your seat in the circle. Registrations received without deposit will be held in wait list until your deposit is received. Retreats taking place further away from Indiana, both domestically and internationally, may require larger deposits/terms depending on venue requirements. 

Please note new terms in accordance with our retreat venue: $100 due at registration. For Winter Retreat, 2020  balances are due December 27 . Registrations made after December 15 must pay full retreat amount.  Cancellations made after January 6th will not be eligible for refund.   Summer retreat balance due deadlines are June 25.  Cancellations made after July 1 will not be eligible for refund.

Coming Up: Retreats for Women 2020:

WINTER RETREAT at Waycross Retreat and Conference Center in Brown County, Indiana
Dates: Friday, January 17 (2pm)- Sunday January 19 (after lunch)
Cost: $390.00 includes private room, food, and facilitated program Limit 15
$100 due at time of registration
Balance  due by December 27th  2019
Come settle into the luxury of a room of your own on the beautiful grounds and in the warm hospitality of Waycross Retreat Center in Brown County, Indiana.   Program begins before dinner on Friday and ends after lunch on Sunday, January 19th. . Winter celebrates germination, quiet, intentions for our lives and our writing goals. We’ll cross pollinate in our creative stirrings. We’ll have time alone and together to honor our writer-spirits. As always, Women Writing for (a) Change offers safe and vibrant space for writers of all abilities.
Facilitated by:  Rebekah Spivey

Please note new terms in accordance with our retreat venue: $100 due at registration. Balances due for summer retreat will be July 1st. Registrations made after June 15th must pay full retreat amount.  Cancellations made after July 8 will not be eligible for refund.

SUMMER RETREAT at St. Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, Indiana
Dates: Thursday, July 16 (2pm CST)- Sunday, July 19 (after lunch)
Cost: $465.00 includes private room, food, and facilitated program Limit 18
$100 due at time of registration
Balance  due by June 26, 2020
St. Meinrad Archabbey is a Benedictine Monastary, Theological Seminary, and home to approximately 85 monks who live a contemplative life of work and spiritual study.  The community hosts individuals and groups, providing comfortable lodgings and good food, welcome and hospitality.  Our summer retreat offers a room of one’s own, large and small group structured sessions for sharing and inspiration, and plenty of opportunity for solitary walking, writing, and creative reflection. Best of all, the connection of women making space for themselves and their words. Co-Creation in the full-flourish of summertime in Southern Indiana. Program begins before dinner on Thursday and ends after lunch on Sunday.  Facilitated by Creative Director, Beth Lodge-Rigal






Seen and Heard on Summer Retreat at St. Meinrad ( A mash-up): What we saw…women, light shades of green, stone walls, generosity, forgiveness, chimney swifts clouding the air at dusk, History, reverence, tenacity, pastoral beauty, Southern Indiana in all its glory…a beauty that fills my heart, the beauty of St. Meinrad Church, the beauty even amidst symbols of historical oppression…Truly joyful faces, different ways of looking at the same thing. Women, women, women-faces of laughter, faces of anger, faces of determination, faces of empathy, nods and shakes of heads. Hugs and smiles. Women forming bonds. The shining core selves of wonderful women, glowing with generosity and love. What we heard… sharing, vulnerability, generosity, forgiveness, church bells and remarkable writing, birdsong, bells, cicadas, the richness of language and words. I heard stories of love, loss, strength and solace. Women saying “I matter”, my words matter…astounding words, layered thoughts, gentle anger, searching truths, bells. Lives. Real lives, imagined lives, past lives, future lives, stories of truth. I’ve heard women’s voices, a chorus of voices in multiple part, magnificent harmony.  What we felt…Intimacy, support, the need for an extra day or two…contented fatigue…peace, self-doubt, guilt, acceptance, agony for others’ sorrow, inspired…nourished and loved, inspired. I’ve felt the minimalism of my room and the concentration of writing. I felt satisfied for the time I filled. I felt the power of each women’s words and their bravery and their tenderness and understanding. I have felt supported, nurtured, loved. I’ve felt embraced, fully embraced. What I’ve felt: fear, anger, sorry. Bravery, joy, acceptance—the whole range of them-in me and in others as well.  The power of femaleness, wisdom, love, creativity, warmth and connection… a camaraderie like no other and an inspiration to continue to write…I feel overflowing  with our common ground and our inescapable individuality

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