Conscious Feminine Leadership Training

Conscious Feminine Leadership Training :Next Session Discernment will begin in fall of 2020

Living-Leading Semester Intensive 
Transforming culture though conscious feminine leadership, values, and practice.

2019 Program:  Retreat Session I : Tuesday-Friday January 15- January 18, 2019
                               13 week Semester Session II: Tuesday Evenings Beginning January 29- April 30, 2019
                               Retreat Session II: Tuesday-Friday May 14-17, 2019

Discernment Circles in 2020 : Participation in at least one circle is strongly recommended.  DATES for NEXT TRAINING/DISCERNMENT TBA

…provides a safe and rigorous learning environment where nothing is hidden and everything is invited to show up… a place for consciousness to begin and deepen. I’d do it again and again, and encourage anyone with an inkling, or a twinkle in their gut to go for it and see what happens.    Allison Distler, Bloomington, Indiana –2013 CFLT Alum

“…what if we said ‘leader’ and that word connected with someone who was conscious that publicly enacting feminine values made her (or him) more vulnerable, less valued, and did it anyway, intentionally and respectfully?”—Mary Pierce Brosmer

         Every profound change process, whether in an organizational or social setting, is the result of a journey that includes both tangible and intangible dimensions. Our activities and the outcomes or products of our journey exist for all to see. But our interior journey remains invisible to others, and often unrecognized even by us. –Joseph Jaworski


The Conscious Feminine Leadership Training grew out of the realization that many aspects of the Women Writing for (a) Change writing circle model inspire and support women’s growth as leaders. The most important resource in this work is a community of women who embody emerging consciousness.

Aims of this program, originally designed by WWf(a)C Founder, Mary Pierce Brosmer, in 2004 as the Feminist Leadership Academy, include the desire to:
(1) expand and deepen leadership for the future of WWf(a)C
(2) support conscious feminine leaders within their current vocations*
(3) create a structure for women in transition from one phase of  life or vocation to another
(*Participants in this program have included teachers, clergywomen, physicians, therapists, artists, activists, nurses, social workers, nonprofit and business executives, entrepreneurs interested in integrating conscious feminine practices into their personal or professional lives.)

This intensive commitment to learning together represents an investment in one’s own personal growth and deepening understanding of leadership. For anyone who holds or wishes to hold transformational space for others, the commitment to growth is a major component of the program.

Who Should Apply: 

  • Women and women-identified individuals who want to wake up more fully to the conscious feminine 
  • Women who want to incorporate WWf(a)C into educational, social service, business, and other settings
  • Women who want to apply to teach in WWf(a)C core or other Foundation classes
  • Women who have participated in earlier FLA or certification classes who want to incorporate emergent understandings, deepen their training, and renew their commitment

Program Structure:
The program begins with a 31/2 day retreat at Waycross Retreat Center, Brown County, Indiana. For 13 weeks next spring, we’ll meet 3 hours each week at the Poplar Grove Schoolhouse in Bloomington Indiana.  We culminate our experience in a final retreat at Waycross.


  • Writing as a practice of individual reflection & communal connection
  • Learning within a safe and confidential container
  • Respect for the life experience and contributions of each learner
  • Intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical ways of learning
  • Writing, reading, small and large group process, meditation, movement, conversation   
  • A high level of preparation, experience, and careful, intentional facilitation by staff. The design and delivery of the program incorporates key elements of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA).   This founding program is administered and trademarked by Women Writing for (a) Change, Cincinnati.  CFLA is offered bi-annually in 2 week-long intensive modules in Cincinnati. Licensing for start up of WWf(a)C schools outside this region are only offered through a third week-long CFLA intensive in Cincinnati. 

Participants will gain:

  • Immersion in a community of creative, consciousness-seeking women
  • Learning within conscious feminine traditions
  • Seeking balance and understanding the conscious masculine and how masculine and feminine consciousness integrate in the 21st century
  • Study of a spirituality of education, creating creative learning communities
  • Training in ways to build community through the use of writing and ritual
  • Training in ways to use writing as a practice of healing, inclusion, and innovation
  • Practical problem-solving skills for personal and professional development

Facilitation of CFLA 2019
Beth Lodge-Rigal, Creative Director/Founder of Women Writing for (a) Change® Bloomington, Indiana –15 year facilitator/director of Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington, IN. CLFA instructor and mentor. Lead designer of the semester-long format.
Mary Ann Macklin, community leader, Senior Minister Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, 2015 CFLT graduate and mentor.

Additional guest teachers will include, other FLA graduates and trained WWf(a)C and guest faculty.

TO APPLY:  Send e-mail with your level of interest and ask for our registration application and packet.  Plan on attending one or more discernment circles (at no cost) to confirm your level of interest and 


If you have been accepted to the program and wish to make further registration payments, you may do so here: