2019 Letter Writing Campaign

Why We Write to You

While our aims for the 2019 Letter Writing Campaign as an organization are shared: to continue to serve and foster positive transformation both for individuals and our larger community, many of our letter writers have included an expression of our needs from her heart.  This organization has touched so many of us personally and in some cases, profoundly.

Your support for our programming matters. Large or small, it provides tuition assistance to young women and women of all ages.  It allows our outreach programs in the Monroe County Correctional Center, Stone Belt, and with youth organizations to continue to thrive and grow. Your contributions help heat our building, share our message, print our agendas, compensate our facilitators. Your support helps us say Yes when a woman, child, or organization seeks to connect to the deeper part of themselves, to others, and in so doing, contributes in myriad ways to making a better world.

Thank you!

Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington Indiana

To Donate directly to us, you may do so online or by check.

If you wish to donate by check, please send your check made out to the Writing for a Change Foundation of Bloomington (or WFACFB Inc) to:The Writing for a Change Foundation of Bloomington
PO Box 6657
Bloomington, IN 47407
The Writing for a Change Foundation of Bloomington, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supports the work of Women Writing for (a) Change in Bloomington and its programs.