Susan A. Moke Endowment

“There’s a rhythm to this work that cannot be denied. I press a treadle and throw the shuttle with my right hand, watching it spin out a trail of scarlet yarn as it glides through the web. … Yet I know very well that any weaver cannot simply sit down at the loom and weave. She must spend long careful hours spinning the yarn, measuring it, cutting it to the right length. … Like the mythic Clotho, who spins out the thread of human life, I must spin out the delicate yarn of my writing life, find ways to weave the bright scarlet thread of my desire to write through today and then tomorrow and then the next day and the next week and the next year…. In the company of writing women, I learn again and again what I already know. The hours of my writing life must be measured carefully and intentionally, the loom must be very deliberately strung, before I can begin to weave the stories I want to tell.”  —Susan A. Moke

Susan A. MokeThe Writing for a Change Foundation of Bloomington, Inc., is very pleased to announce the establishment of the Susan A. Moke Endowment, created to honor the memory of Susan Alice Moke, a treasured member of the Writing for a Change community in Bloomington.

Susan was born Jan. 11, 1949 and died on July 30, 2013. She settled in Bloomington in the 1970s and earned a PhD from Indiana University Bloomington in English and American Literature. From 1998 to the time of her death, she served as director of communications under four IU presidents and one vice president, as well as communications advisor to IU’s 18th first lady. When she took ill, Susan was working on a novel titled Grand Street, based on her family’s migration from Kentucky to northern Indiana, and had completed a number of short stories and essays.

Over the last 10 years, hundreds of women, like Susan, have participated in our writing circles,discovering themselves through the art of writing and the practices of community and becoming empowered to tell their true stories.

Our core mission is “building community and changing the world, one word at a time.” Simply put, our goal is to change the world, if only the world of one woman or girl whose mind and heart are opened to the power of creative energy and expression.

Your gift to the Susan A. Moke Endowment will help to create a permanent resource that will allow us to expand our reach to women and young girls. In Susan’s name, we invite you to help others weave the stories of their lives, far into the future.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Susan A. Moke Endowment, you may do so in one of the following ways:

By Check:

Please make the check payable to the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County with Susan A. Moke Endowment written on the check’s memo line. Send directly to:

Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County
101 W. Kirkwood Avenue, Suite 321
Bloomington, IN 47404

Give Online:

Please visit this link to donate online.

In the “Gift information” section, under “Fund designation”, please select “A Named Fund”.  In the blank, type in Susan A. Moke Endowment.

Please note that your credit card statement will reflect a charge attributed to the Community Foundation. A processing fee incurred by CFBMC as part of each donation will be deducted. Writing for a Change Foundation will be notified of your donation to our Endowment.

Thank you for helping us build this fund to meet our longer-term needs.