Walking the Camino Fundraiser 2018

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela       

A 500 mile walk across northern Spain…mountains, plateaus and unpredictable weather!! What are you thinking Virginia Hall?  

Getting Started

Perhaps that is a good place to start: thinking. There comes a point in our lives, or many points, where our thoughts, to become more than fantasy need to move into action. Stop thinking and JUST DO IT! as Nike reminds us. Several years ago a friend of mine made this walk and posted photos along the way. I was inspired and thought what a great way to celebrate my 75th birthday. Now I will be 76 and my new departure date is April 15th, 2018. I will fly to Barcelona and begin the walk on the French/Spanish border from the town of St. Jean Pied de Port. I will be sharing photos and notes along the Way.

Giving Back to Women Writing for (a)Change of Bloomington

One way I have decided to make this a journey with others, not just mine alone, is to offer an opportunity to support an organization that has given so much to me in encouragement and courage: Women Writing for a Change. As I walk and reflect and write about my Camino experience I hope you will follow along by visiting my FB page (blog): Walking the Camino with Virginia. Please consider donating whatever sum of money you are able to to WWf(a)aC, particularly to their outreach programs. Some of the outreach opportunities that WWf(a)C engage with are:

  • Writing group with women in Monroe County Jail
  • Stone Belt Writing Circle
  • MiddleWay House
  • Young women and teens’ circles

Through our writing we are transformed and by being heard we have the potential of transforming the institutions around us. Consider donating $1.00/mile, $10/10-miles, $50/50 miles, $100/100 miles, $500/500 miles

You may donate online or by check. If you wish to donate by check, please send your check made out to the Writing for a Change Foundation of Bloomington (or WFACFB Inc).

All funds will go directly to WWf(a)C using PayPal or check:

The Writing for a Change Foundation Bloomington
PO Box 6657
Bloomington, IN 47407

For donations please note CAMINO in the memo line.

Please check in with my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Writing4Women/?fref=hovercard or the app TrackMyTour with the same name. Share this with your friends. Enjoy, comment and let me know what peaks your interest. Questions welcomed.