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Your payment must include at least the minimum required for each circle ($50 deposit for 13-week or other multi-session circles; $100 deposit for weekend retreats; or the full amount for single-day workshops). Deposit(s) are not refundable unless we must cancel the class. If you choose to withdraw from a class, you must inform us at least 24 hours before the first class. If we are notified in advance, you can receive a refund minus the deposit. Refunds can be applied to the cost of other future classes if you choose.

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Moon Circle series $140.00
Moon Circle series Required Deposit: $50.00
Moon Circle, March 18 $45.00
Moon Circle, June 14 $45.00
Moon Circle, Sept. 16 $45.00
Moon Circle, Dec. 2 $45.00
Empty Nest $45.00
Loving a Changing Earth, $140.00
Loving a Changing Earth Required Deposit: $50.00
Grandmother Circle $45.00
Project Circle $180.00
Project Circle Required Deposit: $50.00
Writers in the Woods $50.00
Summer Solstice Circle $25.00
How Many Words is a Picture Worth $45.00
Women’s Summer Writing Retreat $400.00
Summer Writing Retreat Deposit $100.00
Soul Collage $180.00
Soul Collage $50.00
Tuesday Morning Class Preview $25.00
Wednesday Evening Class Preview $25.00
Tuesday Morning Core Circle $338.00
Tuesday Morning Core Circle Required Deposit: $50.00
Wednesday Evening Core Circle $338.00
Wednesday Evening Core Circle Required Deposit: $50.00
Telling the Truth Preview $25.00
Telling the Truth- $338.00
Telling the Truth Required Deposit: $50.00
Writing Toward Wholeness $100.00
Interfaith Writing Circle $180.00
Object Lessons $45.00
Autumn Writers in the Woods $50.00
Challenge By Choice $75.00