Tuition Assistance

Adult and Youth Programs

WHY: WWf(a)C seeks to REACH OUT & REDUCE financial barriers for individuals in our programs & create OPPORTUNITIES for NEW WRITERS in our COMMUNITY! We want to be able to work with individuals and families to make our programs accessible and available.

AWARDS:   Tuition assistance is available, based on financial need and writer’s ability / commitment to be present for the complete program and available funds. We offer %25 and %50-off regular tuition discounts and payment plans per your request/need. Full assistance will be considered on case-by case basis.

HOW TO APPLY: Complete the APPLICATION & REGISTRATION FORM. Include $25 deposit, which will be returned if assistance cannot be granted. Please include information below which might help us understand your financial need. Applications are considered in the order received and assistance is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we cannot fund all requests, we attempt to distribute funds to assist those in the greatest financial need. Our priority is to assist writers who could not attend without financial help. Funds are limited, so APPLY

We are unable to offer assistance for any off-site retreats at this time.

Download PDF Here:

Adult Tuition Assistance Application  

Youth Tuition Assistance Application